The inclusion of children in family mediation

Mediación familiar. Dra. Marina Roustan
Rol del mediador familiar: Reflexión sobre la formación en competencias comunicativas
noviembre 8, 2017
Group communication - Dra. Marina Roustan
Group communication analysis
noviembre 8, 2017
Family mediation. Dra. Marina Roustan

A review of studies and future proposals

Mediation is an established model for conflict resolution, backed by the international community in relation to family law, to help parents seeking solutions to family problems in child custody cases.

Child-inclusive Vs child-focused interventions in family mediation

The aim of this article is to review the advantages and / or disadvantages presented in the studies with child-inclusive or child-focused interventions in family mediation processes. In the present research, we carry out a review of studies realized in Australia, New Zealand, some counties in the US and in Europe; meta-analysis and review studies of “child inclusive” investigations, international guidelines that support listening to children and also studies that criticize it. While mediation has existed for four decades in other countries, in Spain it has only arisen since the enactment of Law (1/2001) of Family Mediation in Catalonia, followed by other Autonomous Communities regulations, which explains why sufficient studies might not yet exist.

Multiple and flexible approach

In some countries a new paradigm is emerging, aimed at the inclusion of children due to the favorable findings in family mediation processes, although a multiple and flexible approach in the field of family mediation intervention is necessary.

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